NEC-2510A-Can't read some dvd discs

I have problem with nec2510a.I have him for about one year,and he work o.k.But,yesterday,when i try to play some writen dvd disc (Verbatim), the message appearce, that the disc my be corrupted, or the file format is not recognize by windows.
Regular cd disc reading without problems,also original dvd disc.I have the latest firmare.

I’m 100% sure that the discs are o.k.

Scan them (maybe in another drive) for quality and clean your 2510.

25xx drives aren’t the best when it comes to reading… I have one too. Make sure the disc is as clean as possible.

don’t use it to read disc, use nec 3xxx or anything else that can read it much better.
it’s really crap at reading most disc, needs perfect quality.

I couldn’t ever figure out how to get my ND-2500A to read stuff very well, so when I upgraded it (with a ND-3550A) I also bought a dedicated DVD-ROM drive for reading discs, it was only like $25 or so, and is a very good reader. I cleaned my 2500A too, but to no avail.

As far as perfect quality goes… it’s TY media and the scans from the DVD-ROM drive are excellent with low C1/C2 errors, I don’t think any burn no matter what is perfect (even pressed media has C1/C2 errors) but it’s very high quality.

I don’t really understand it, but yeah… the NECs seem to have some reading issues, though they’re great burners.

25xx are crap reader because it is only made to read high quality media so when you burn not so good quality disc it can’t read them at all while it reads ok on most other brands or model. Most liteon/sony are good reader thought but not so good at burning 8x,12x or 16x due to no ventilation the heat are trapped inside… It seems their are weakness and strength in all model of burners.