NEC 2510A - Can this drive burn DL video DVD's?

I own this drive and for the first time i tried to burn a DL DVD video the other day but the computer rejected it? Firstly, my software (Adobe Encore) said its not the right type of disc. So then i build my DVD movie to the hard drive so i could burn it with Nero, but again the drive ejected the disc saying it no good??

The DL layered DVD im using are ‘ridisc brand printable, made by ritek’ quoted from seller.

Can anyone help. The seller of the DVDs has told me i need to upgrade to a newer drive i.e. NEC 3500, 3520 or Pioneer 108, 109 - is this the case?

Any help is much appreciated.


No need for a new thread, you could have ask a mod to change the title or leave it, as most people will ignore the spelling error. But it doesn’t matter much…

The NEC 2510A is perfectly capable of burning DL discs, but won’t burn all DL media equally good. The Ridisc stuff you’re using is probably RITEK D01 stuff, which isn’t the greatest stuff around. I’ve seen some good quality burns with it, but also have seen a lot of people being unable to burn these discs with their burners, although the media was supported by their burner’s firmware.

IMO, the best DL media around is the stuff made by MKM, which is Verbatim branded.

On second thought, I’m wondering if it is really neccesary to use DL media, since a 2 hours movie (or longer) perfectly fits on a single layer disc, as long as you keep the bitrate low enough.

The movie im burning is 3 hours long.

I ask as a newbie - do i need to do anything with the firmwares? Should i update my drive?

User reviews over at VideoHelp seem to suggest that this drive needs 3rd party firmware to use RITEK D01 media… Head on over to the NEC forum and see what you can find.

Apps like DVD Shrink & CloneDVD will produce quite decent copies of a 3hr movie, once you remove unnecessary extras (other languages, subtitles , alternate audios etc). Single layer DVDs are so much cheaper than dual layer that I’d stick to single layer.

If you’re generally happy with your 2510 ( or was it 2150?) then I’d stick to it as I think it matches most others for quality.