Nec 2510a burning 8x problem

Hi Guys,

I have just purchased the NEC 2510a DVD burner. I am using both Nero Burn and CloneDVD I am also using the G05 Datasafe x8 brand medium. But whatever I am burning to this brand of disk the maximum speed i can burn to the disk is always x4.

I have tried using CloneDVD to burn - this allows me to select x8 speed but unfortunately only burns at x4 (due to it taken 15mins to burn 4.5GB disk).

Anyhelp would be appreciated.

All the best

Because of the variable quality of Ritek media, NEC has reduced the max write speed for G05 media to 4x. It was 8x in the original ND-2500A firmwares, but then was knocked down to 4x in the most recent firmware.

As far as the ND-2510A firmwares, both 2.04 and 2.15 have Ritek G05 media set at 4x maximum.

A few other (non-NEC) drives also have this limitation.