NEC 2510A as external drive


I m new to this forum and this is my first posting.

I have recently bought nec nd2510A OEM. I want to use it as external drive using USB2.0/IDE adapter on my laptop. I am using Windows XP Home. The drive is recognised as DVD-R/CDRW drive by XP. Even Nero does not recognise it and says that this is a ‘virtual image recorder’. I tried various jumper settings (I.e. Mastar/Slave/Cable select etc.). My laptop has already got internal DVD-R/CDRW combo drive.

Any help on the issue will be really appreciated.

Many thanks and regards

You might want to try to reboot a couple times as I think that has helped some people in the past. I have a 2510 ext and a 2500 int and just looked the ext is drive G dvd-rw and the internal is D dvd but I can write with both. The jumper on the ext should be set to master. you also might want to chack to make wure you’ve updated windows as I think there was an update for usb storage devices.
It was before service pack 2 if you are worried about it, but I have SP2 and no probs with nero or anything else Yet!

The problem isn’t that nero detects ur drive as virtual image recorder, but that’s the only thing it can access. U say u just got an oem drive… did u buy any software to go with it? or are u using the nero that came with ur laptop? The nero u had before is likely to be locked to work only with the drive that came with the laptop. U’ll need to purchase a key for a normal nero, and put it in so it’ll work with any burner, or buy an oem nero for cheap, or just use different burning software.
If the nero isn’t locked to ur internal drive, but still can’t see the nec, then update it to the latest edititon. that should sort u