Nec 2510a and TYuden 4X

Hi! Just purchased a nec 2510a and would like to know if i can burn at 8X
using a taiyo yuden 4X media without doing anything with its firmware.Please
advise also as to what burning software to use to be able to burn 8X using TY media rated 4X. Thanks so Much!

TY media should burn at 8x with the standard firmware, I believe. The official 2.15 firmware release seemed to have the same write support that the last ND2500A firmware did, and that could write most TY 4x media at 8x.

With my ND2500A, I use Nero 6 ( and DVD Decrypter ( and it burns media at 8x without any problem.

Thanks for the quick reply :smiley: Then i believe there is no point of finding a supplier of TYuden dvd-r 8X if you could burn at 8X using the widely available TYuden dvd-r 4X. Are you refering to dvd-r when you posted your reply? Thanks a lot again! :slight_smile:

I was referring to the TY media write descriptors that NEC has in their firmware for both DVD-R and DVD+R media. NEC provided 8x write descriptors for both formats of TY media.

If you search, you can find a listing of the media codes in the stock firmware for the ND2500A and what speed the drive can write to. The 2510A stock firmware should be the same.

There is also this list for the ND2500A on NEC’s site: