NEC 2510A and DVD-R problems

Hi all! I’m having problems with burning DVD-Rs.
I’m using NEC 2510A (sold in Traxdata box) drive and NERO
with Verbatim DVD-R 4x (DVD-Identifier shows MCC 01RG20 with “8X can not be detected”)

Here’s what happens:
When I hit “Burn compilation”, the write speed is set to 8x, even when it should only be 4x. When I want to write the thing, NERO gets stuck showing Lead-in until I shut it down with Task manager (the Cancel in NERO is gray (cant click on it) and I can’t close it normally), the buffer bar never gets filled (not even one line) and the clock (Est. time etc) keeps running.

I can burn CDs and DVD+Rs without any errors…

Any ideas whats wrong? NERO? My NEC drive? The DVDs?

First of all: upgrade your Nero to latest version (presently from Buffer problems have been reported with the older versions of Nero.

What firmware are you using?

I am using Verbatims with the same identifier and they are writeable at 8x. The quality is not impressive though, so I use only 4x (or 6x if I am in a hurry).

try to use herries firmware 107v2 beta 5 (hp520).
i had the same prob.
on my burner dvd-r burn well with hp-firmware