Nec 2510a and 16+ medium (YUDEN000T03 or MCC04)



Hi folks,

I’ve owned a nec2510a for 2 years now and it’s still burning great.
I’m using quality yuden media (YUDEN000T02), but I can’t find that stuff anymore.

Used some mam-e dvd-r disks, but threw them all away after a few months. Many of them were unreabable :sad:

Many people are complaining that the newer 16x YUDEN000T03 or MCC04 disks are not working well with the nec 2510.

Any experiences with the newer 16+ mediums?

Only 8x yudens I can find are these:
Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x Full printable (100st)



well im using a nec2500@2510.
i updated my firmware (to 205d_rpc1) from liggy and dees website.

im burning verbatim (MCC 03RG20) dvd-r 16x disks beautifully. Im sure the dvd+r equivalents (MCC04) would burn fine, too.


Hey, thanks for the fast reply.
I’m more of a +r man, but any quality scores at hand?


Sorry man, i only have my nec drive, which means i dont have access to a scanning device. All i have done is a transfer rate test and it gives a perfect curve. Keep in mind that the nec drive i have is a terrible reader and only a good burn would give such a smooth curve.

My assumption is that using the firmware i have right now, my drive will burn MCC04 dvd+r @ 8x without any problems. The same will be true for your drive.