Nec 2510 with 2.04 which upgraded firmware?

I just purchased Nec 2510 with 2.04 firmware. I’d like to know which upgraded version should I install. Do I go directly to 2.16 or do I have to go through the previous firmware versions first? I have XP and Nero 6.0


You can go direct to 2.16 if you flash from DOS
See this thread

Thanks for the info but I have another question. I am nervous about going thru DOS. I see that Harrie has a Windows firmware 2.06. Should I try this? Thanks for any help!

As I recall, 2.06 and 2.16 are identical.

Herrie’s version of these firmwares adds Ritek DL media support, along with riplock removed and made region-free.

In order to flash 2.16, though, you have to have 2.15 already installed. Since there hasn’t been a Windows installer for 2.15 released (that I’ve yet seen), your only option would be 2.06 (unless you do it in DOS).