NEC 2510 not reading DVD media

I have a NEC 2510A drive.
My problem is that it won’t read DVD media, or just very poor.

For eg: Traxdata -R 8X media sometimes recognized but most of the times not. When recognized it always hangs while copy saying read error.
Primedisc even not recognized… Saying no media…

Help, what could be the problem? Have the latest firmware 2.18, but problem was with 2.17 too.

And the dvd’s I tried are OK, they are read by a Pio 108 without prob.

Please advise, what to do!

i have the same problem looks like the 2510a is crap at reading discs

The NEC 25xx are known to be poor readers. If you used the search function you would know :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Nec 2510 too, but had never big problems with reading, although it’s a very slow ripper. So I bought an Aopen 1648 dvd-rom which works flawless.


I wonder can this be a replacement issue? If I send back the drive will they replace it because it doesn’t read discs well…

I have read trough the post, and found many various opinions… I can’t find out is my drive defected or just bad as it is.

Right, there are many different opinions because the quality of the drives seem to vary.
If you have luck, you get a good reader and if you don’t…

I had luck! :wink:

I’m not sure about this. Yes, some people say 25x0 is a bad reader while others say it’s acceptable. Are they representing actual hardware difference or the media they tried made all the diverse opinions? Not conclusive currently.

I’ve yet to find a guy who say “I have two 25x0s, one is a good reader while the other is terrible.” or more precisely “I have a disc that one 25x0 reads while the other fails.”.


You are right.
There could be many reasons for the different opinions on the Nec as a reader…

I am that guy one is better than the other, but they are both still crap readers and yes one drive will read a disc that the other can’t

does the firmware affect read performance at all?

i’ve recently upgraded my 2510’s firmware to Maddog’s 2.F9 and am noticing that my 2510 has trouble reading discs that it had no problem reading with previous firmware revisions.

just downgraded from 2.F9 back to Herrie’s 2.18v3-2, and the discs that my 2510 had trouble reading before (mostly Ritek G04’s) are now being read without any problems.

Will try that firmware now.
I have problems also with ritek g05, and even g01 and g02 media.
And with +RW DVD written by a Samsung drive.

Yeah, my 2500a blows the big one at reading discs. Ima buy me a cheap lite on for reads as well as for quality check. Anyone happen to know of a cheap or FAR dvd-rom that has this ability?