NEC 2510 is better than the NEC 3500 this sucks :(

on the nec 2500@2510 with herries v2b5 firmware
i was able to burn the following media`s at 2x4x8x but on the NEC 3500 with herries or Maddogs Firmwares im only presented with 2x4x MAX wich imho sucks

here is the media thats not burning at 8x or higher

i know for a fact these media`s burned perfect for me everytime on my NEC 2500@2510

DataSafe DVD+R : RITEK R03
DataSafe DVD-R : RITEK G04

i think im sending this drive back as i burn a lot of DVD`s and need the speed of 8x and Higher

please someone help before i go sending this back.

Very strange - the G04s should be supported @4x and the R03 @4x or even 8x. Have you checked the media code again? :confused:

That’s because the quality of Ritek media is very dodgy and to ensure high quality burns G04 is limited to its rated speed of 4x, while R03, though 8x rated (some would say that’s baseless optimism on Ritek’s part) is set to 4x max. The 3500A sounds like a good burner; don’t take it back just because it won’t burn mediocre media at high speeds.

yeah mate those media codes are correct :confused:

could you give me a link to the best BIOS that supports those media`s at 8x or above 8x please

RPC enabled aswell as RIPLOCK

please i would be forever in your debt :slight_smile:

I have some 4x Ritek G04 which are rated to 12x with my 3500A.

at least give people the option of selecting higher than 4x if they wish why limit all people to 4x max when some people can burn them perfectly at 8x

and i im going to say this again DATASAFE DVD+R and -R media is not mediocre
i consider this stuff great it has never failed me once on my Nec 2510 at 8x

HERRIE OR MADDOG please give people the choice PLEASE.

WHAT ???

can you tell me the firmware your useing please or give me a link to it please


FWIW ViRuS2k I burned a G04 at 8x on my 2500A, and while the burn was successful it wasn’t a great burn when I scanned it with kprobe.

try with liggy’s beta8

I should add that my G04s are Datasafe DVD-R.

i will give that a try thankyou mate. :slight_smile:

yeah and what was the firwmare you are useing ?

Liggy’s Beta 8.

Ok liggys beta 8 Gives me 2x4x6x8x12x max burns with Datasafe DVD-R GO4 :slight_smile:
and Datasafe DVD+R Ritek Ro3 4x6x8x max :slight_smile:


now all i have to do is test hehe i will report back soon :slight_smile:


I just flashed f/w 2.27 in my 3500 to burn RITEK R03 at 8x, here’s a Nero DVD Speed scan of my first movie burned with this f/w:

These were bought from UKDVDR and sold as DATASAFE 8x. Burned at 8x using Record Now DX with 507 update and modified PX driver to show correct write speeds.

Doesn’t look too shabby on the read back :slight_smile: Can’t do Kprobe scans as I don’t have a Lite-On drive so I file copied all the data back to my HD using my Plextor DVD-ROM drive, no CRC errors, although it did copy the data back at around 6x - 8x.

nice burn, :wink:

I’ve got a similar dilema so after doing some searching and reading I thought I would just see what the views are purely regarding the quality of the burns of the 2510/3500

My 2510 is serving me well but somebody has offered me good money for it and I’m lured by the 3500’s faster read speads and higher CD-R/RW speeds which I still use a lot.

Are you happy with the 3500 now and what firmware are you using? I presume it’s DL & SL bitsetting, RPC etc.