NEC 2510 Frimware?


yesterday i have bay a NEC 2510 DVD burner

is it possible to use a 1.07v2 Dual Layer Bitsetting Beta 5 firmware on NEC
2510 ??? with out any problems or errors?

or Herrie is coming soon with a new Firmware for the NEC 2510 ?


He will come with a new improved f/w for all the nec models, you can use his 107v2b5 using DOS to flash, you can read all about it if you look around. It will change the name of your 2510 into 2500, but doesn’t matter since all the things the 2510 has (DL support) are also available with the 107v2b5 f/w and more.

sorry dumb question
if it just changes the name from 2510 to 2500 with every other functions the same, why do we need new firmware?
what do these do anyway?

Speed improvemenst, bitsetting, rip lock removed… ;). And you can all read this if you just look around…

hmmz… and the firmware of dvd boots any good? is it the same as herrie?

i want just a good firmware to flash my nec2510 good :slight_smile:

It’s not the same, it has less speed improvements, no ricoh r00 at 8X :(.

hmm there is No any good firmware for The NEC 2510 ?

i have read alote but i don’t know witch one i must use …

or is herrie coming soon with a good firmware of the NEC 2510 ?