Nec 2510 cant write @ 8x , 4x



Hello I have a NEC 2510A and i’ can write my dvd+r @ 1x, 2x, 2.4x. but not at 4x ,8x.
i use dvd+r phillips 8x and nero
can someone help me ?



What firmware version you are using?


i’ve tried 5-6 differents firmware without success…
the MID of my dvd+r : INFOME R20
my actual firmware is the Maddog 2f8


heh… that’s because INFOME R02 isn’t supported in the firmware :wink:


arggg …
wich firmware support this media ?


none… maybe I’ll add this media into my modded 2.F8 B3


thanks very well I’m waiting for it “avec impatiente”


i’ve tried 2.F8 Quikee Beta 3 and it works very well… thank you very much ^^