Nec 2510 can burn RITEKD01 DL with decent quality?



I have tried Verbatim DL media on my Nec 2500 flashed to 2510 (now using firmware Maddog 2F9) and works great, very good burning quality. But what about Ritek DL media? i know that Verbatim is better but i can get Primedisc Ritek D01 DL media for a decent price. Should i try it?


RitekD01 is a bad deal, not only on NEC 25x0.
Lot of bad scans and hangs in CDSpeed.


I burnt two Verbatim DL discs on my 2500@2510 (MadDog 2.f8) and one Ritek DL disc (Platinum). The result on the Verbatim was good, while the Ritek was much worse. The disc could be read back, but the transfer graph didn’t look very promising.


Thanks both of you. Yes, that’s what i heard. Nec Dump shows support for RICOH, CMC and PHILIPS DL media, but where are they…?


Watch here for a good verbatim DL 2.4X price in europe :


Depends what you want to put on it…

Critical data and backups, probably go for Verbatim in the meantime. Video data, I’d personally just save a few $$ and go for the Riteks.


10 euros for shipping costs… :eek: