NEC 2510 burn quality question

I’ve been reading a lot about this burner in this forum and came to the conclusion that it is somewhere among the best when it comes to burn quality. Is that true?? However I read some people are getting quite a lot PI/PO errors around the 1GB mark. I can’t scan my discs but on +R’s there is a visible color difference there. With -R’s there is no such thing. Is this something I should worry about?

Second thing, which media is best to use with the 2510? So far I’ve been burning to Ricoh RICOHJPNR02 +R and MMORE MBI 01RG20 -R.

Third thing. I know it’s very hard to tell, but which firmware will actually improve the writing quality?


  1. Scans can be found here for example:
  2. Recommend firmware: MadDog 2.F9

BUT: You won’t be able to get this burner easily these days, cause it has run out a long time ago.
Try the Benq 1640 or the Nec 3540.


2) Recommend firmware: MadDog 2.F9

BUT: You won’t be able to get this burner easily these days, cause it has run out a long time ago.


I already have the 2510 :wink: . Just tried 2.F9, it gives me errors in nero CD-DVD speed 4.0 while reading. Haven’t tried it with recording.

try herrie’s version,

Also if you get a lot of errors for a particular media, then limit your burn speed to 4x.

Actually, the writing strategies in Herrie’s are a bit outdated.
2.F9 is the same as the official 2.19 (the latest).

Limiting the burn speed is an option for get higher quality, but you also can use 8x with high quality media like TY. Just look in my above mentioned threat and see the scans with Plextor 8x DVD-R which is TY.

Besides, the NEC is known to be one of the worst readers.
Try to scan with BENQ 1620/1640 or Aopen 1648/AAP-

true, but it depends on your particular media. Herrie has inserted better write strategies to increase speed as well as quality. So its just a little bit of trial and error to see which firmware works best.

Unfortunately I can’t check my burns because I don’t have acces to one of those drives, so I guess I’ll stick with the media I currently use. What about the errors aroung the 1GB mark?? Any opinions? That color difference thing?

Now I’m seriously looking at Plextor 716A to be my next writer. Is it a good choice considering burn quality? There were some hardware problems with it though, but I don’t seem to find a recent review. Also could you point me to some good readers because I’m really getting frustrated with the 2510 speeds.

10x again

plextor isn’t that good for the high price and their newest drive is a benq rebadge… get a real benq dw1640 or a nec nd-3520.

Is the color change visible on the disc when burning at 8x? if so, then it has to do with the write strategy and is perfectly normal. the drive jumps from 4x to 6x to 8x when writing on certain media. the only time I’ve observed this is when using DDecrypter to burn at 8x(4-6-8x), oddly though nero would not use the same method. Look up CAV, CLV, Z-CLV and such to understand the different writing metods.

Benq is a great drive, hold out for the DW1640 or newer.

Both 6x and 8x produce this color change.

OK, thanks

The 1GB mark is the jump from 4x to 6x.
Some media is written bad @6x with the 2510.
The errors should go down when reaching 8x.

Top media on my Nec 2500 (2510 with 2F9)

  • Verbatim DVD+R 8x MCC003
  • Intenso DVD+R 8x PRODISC R03
  • Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4 MKM 001

Fuji Yuden T02 from aprmedia batch 1159 burn attrociously on this drive for some reason. Seem to burn great at 8x on my new Lite-On. Burn very so so with an odd PIF problem on the NEC 3540 (See other thread for that).


I always get great results with Fuji 8x DVD+R (made in japan, =TY)
Plextor 8x DVD+R is great too.
And Verbatim DVD-R 8x is still pretty good