Nec 2510 bitsetting

I have just purchased a Nec 2510 and I would like to know how to use bitsetting. Do I have to set the bitseting every time I burn a disk. I will be using Dvd+r disks and I want them all to burn to Dvd-Rom by default. can someone give me a quick tuturial on how to do this and what programs to use.
Also I will be using nero 6.3.15 ultra for burning.
Thanks in Advance

You’ll need to change the firmware to Herrie’s version found here:

Then bitset with DVDinfopro found here:

Do I have to use dvdinfo everytime I burn a dvd+r or will it automatically default to Dvd-rom booktype after i set it up once.

You only need to bitset with DVDInfo once. The bitset is written to non-volatile memory on the NEC and therefore should stay at whatever you set it unless you change it.

I did just read a thread where someone was having a bug were it was getting reset, but his problem seems to have gone away:


Did you fix the problem with dvdinfo showing your drive as a 2500 and not a 2510.
Also I have been reading in some posts that people are having concerns with being able to burn at 8x with thsi drive. Are you haveing any problems.

I don’t think its a problem. I think the beta 5 code is 2500 firmware, not 2510. I think the person that responded to my post was confused. So yeah, I’m not running the best firmware but it will be fine this way until a hacked 2510 firmware is available.

I was corrected in another thread beta 5 code is 2510 firmware that is hacked to report 2500 as the model number. This allows the 2500 Windows firmware updater to work.

I read the bitsetting faq here…

But I still don’t really know what’s that used for in simple terms.
Do I really need it?
What happens if I burn DVD without the bitsetting?
(since we need firmware fix, and why is NEC not adding bitsetting, but giving it to HP ones… :a , perhaps to make cost low?)

You only need it if you are write a DVD-Video and your set top DVD player has problems reading DVD+R discs that have the booktype set to DVD+R. If your set top DVD player reads DVD+R discs fine regardless of the book type setting, then no, you don’t need it.

One other advantage is that if your DVD+R media has a DVD-ROM book type, then it can usually be read faster in most PC DVD drives, which means that reading/ripping from the DVD+R media is faster. Depends on the drive though.

The booktype on the media will read DVD+R (or DVD+RW or DVD+R DL) instead of DVD-ROM.

Some set top DVD players may not recognize the disc.

Some PC DVD drives might not recognize the disc.

Some PC DVD drives might read the disc slower.

Shouldn’t really affect the cost since the work has already been done. HP may have paid extra to have their drives feature it exclusively. HP might have also paid for NEC’s firmware engineers to do the work in the first place and therefore its relegated to their drives only.

Thanks for the reply. But I wonder why NEC refuse to release firmware to add bitsetting.