NEC 2510 bitsetting on +R (SL)

Hi all,
Just got my new 2510,
really impressive PI/PO results with the 2.06 fw.

I’ve got 2 crappy old DVD standalones that refuse DVD+R disc’s unless they have bitsetting set to DVD-Rom.

Is there any way (firmware or Utility) to set the 2.06fw to DVD-Rom ???
As I’ve understood from other threads it has DL media set to DVD-rom,
but I’d need it for SL as well!

Preciate any info on the subject! :bow:
/NEC newbie

Please read the NEC patched firmware thread here

Or you could get -R media which doesn’t require bit setting

The stock 2.06 firmware will only allow bit setting for +R DL media and it already defaults to DVD-ROM.

If your looking for bit setting on single layer, herrie’s 1.07 v2 beta 5 based on HP520 firmware should to the trick.

Herrie, please try to make a patched version of 2.06 :slight_smile:

im sure he will, in time - but asking aint gonna get it any faster is it ? :slight_smile:

The problem is that probably some of the bitsetting code is missing in the original NEC firmware. So Herrie has to depend on HP - who have Bitsetting support - supplying new firmwares for the 420i or even better the 520i (which is not even mentioned on their site). Unfortunately their newest known firmwares are already a few weeks/months old.
Maybe HP will offer new firmwares if enough people ask for them because of media issues they have with discs that are not supported with their current firmwares, but that maybe are available in the latest NEC firmwares.