NEC 2500ano reading cd >.<

OK, my nec 2500a has recently stopped reading normal cd’s, cd-r/rw. But it will still read any type of DVD, dvd-r/rw that i try to open. Havent tried to burn anything with it in a while but regardless of that. I need to access cd’s on this drive.

I’ve ran a lens clean through it and tried an update to the latest firmware (1.0a). but this stupid problem still persists. The hell? This is something i’d expect from a 99C noname brand burner that i got from the local drug dealer who built it off leftover pieces from a PS2. Not from NEC brand burner that i payed $240 for :a .

Im running:
amd 3200+
scsi 80gig western digital 7200rpm + 120gb IDE western digital 133
asus a7n8x-e mobo
1gb ram (dual channel)
nvidia MX4000 128 MB vid

The DVD drive is a slave drive to a LG cd reader.
everything has been working premo in it’s current config for about 7 months now. well, untill now. last time i remember useing it was when i was playing DOOM3. i had HL in the other drive and just left DOOM3 in the drive beause i played it often. one day i went to run the game and it wouldent load up untill i swapped CD drives.

the next thing i was going to try was a system restore back to the earliest point i can get to see if its an OS issue. And an update of the mobo bios.

Otherwise im outta ideas.

Anyhelp :stuck_out_tongue: