Nec 2500a

£55.17 inc. VAT at Eclipse Computers, cheap as chips, and thank god they’ve upgraded their website from the abortion is was before this current one!


Special offer price: £49.98 Including VAT at 17.5%

79.00 in USA Search the web. I bought for 89.00 then found it for 79.00 and like to have messed.

Hi All,
Do accept an international shipping??

And is there any site have NEC 2500A with good price, And some prodisc media with good price, And accept an international shipping with international Master Card??

Thank you
Doctor Aziz

I got mine at for 89.00 They have them now for 79.00. Don’t know about int. shpng.

I don’t understand “international Master Card”? Mastercards can be used anywhere in the world where they’re accepted, it doesn’t matter about the originating country. Whether the dealer is prepared to ship international is upto the dealer, check 'em out…

Hi all, do not accept an international cresit card.
Thank you
(( Please Note - We do not accept Electron or any card issued outside the UK. ))

Thank you

They’ve obviously been ripped off at some point, or can’t be bothered with the hassle of international shippings. Where are you in the world? Are they not available in your country of origin? Are they really expensive? What’s the reason behind buying say from eBuyer UK or another UK distributor? Are they the cheapest?

In addition to eBuyer I use… - very rarely

Check 'em out, no idea whether any ship international though, never had call to look.

Hi GristyMcFisty ,
Thank you very much for helping me.

Where I am? In Middle East.
Why I buy from the net? Because it is very expensive here ( VERY VERY ).
Why buy from UK? I don’t want to buy from UK, Buy from US, Buy the from UK is just for example.

And about that stores, Are all of them accept an international credit card?

( I am sorry because I can’t speak English good !)

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

These guys seem to do international stuff…

On this page they quote numbers, fax and phone for International contact. Therefore I assume they ship International. I ordered from them myself on Wednesday and recieved my NEC 2510A DL Writer this morning…

Aria maybe worth touching base with as well if Overclockers can’t help…

They say nothing about international shipping, however they again quote international phone\fax numbers.

I’ve had a look at the other sites and there seems to be no information as to whether they do or don’t ship internationally. Good luck…

Hi GristyMcFisty,
Thank you VERY VERY much for helping me and for your reply.
And do you have any store in US accept an international credit card? ( Not important to accept International shipping, Only International credit card! )

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz

Unfortunately I can’t help you on the US front, since I’m UK based I never buy from the US, and am completely unfamiliar with the best value web retailers over there.

Have you tried a web search maybe something like…?

“Buy NEC 2500A”

The .COM answers are most likely to be US e-tailers. Although I note on the first page of the above search link that some of the links are UK sites, and some are to sites like CDFreaks, i.e.…not a web e-tailer (e-tailer = web based retailer). I would have thought most e-tailers in the US ship internationally since the Americans are always ready to make a buck or two out of anyone…

Here’s a good deal…$72…and NewEgg’s service is excellent!