NEC 2500a

I’ve just updated the firmware to version 2.08 and the drive is now being reported as D/l. Nero even gives me the option of burning 8.5G

It’s not as far as I know a dual layer drive so what’s going off? Do I need to reflash with an older firmware?

I can’t test it with a D/l disc as I haven’t got any.

ignore me please. Just used the search :doh: Why din’t they make it d/l to start with?

Beacuase they want to sell their dual layer drive…which is the 2510 (and above)

I didn’t realise that the 2510 was a dual layer.
I was surprised (to say the least) that this has the capabilities locked in, but I suppose as it read them then it’s not so big a jump.

SL burners can burn DL, it just needs a firmware that can re-focus the lazer to burn the second layer.

“Some” I’d like to add at the beginning of the sentence. :bow: