NEC 2500A write quality on DVD-RW

I can’t get good results with DVD-RW. I used both Princo and Optodisc, both will give read errors. I wounder if other people have same issue.

My Pioneer DVR-104 will read NEC burned RW with no errors so I wounder if Pioneer has a safisticated error correction mechanism.

I did a short test by burning a small amount (about 1/2GB) to a 1x Optodisc DVD-RW and I didn’t seem to have any problems. The data verification completed successfully and I was able to read the disc at full speed in my Toshiba DVD-ROM (starting at 4.60x).
Where on the disc are you experiencing errors?

I saw errors at the end of the disk when using NEC as a reader. First 4 GB were OK.

With Pioneer I was able to get clean reading all the way.

The ends of some lower quality DVD discs are sometimes problematic - I’ve resorted to burning about 3.7GB instead of the full 4.38GB on some cheap Leda DVD media because of this.

It could be that the NEC is reading the disc too fast - it reads at 8x CAV for recordable DVD media while the Pioneer I believe only reads at 2x CLV. I have managed to slow down the NEC to 2x CAV (!) with Nero CD speed by setting the read speed to 1x. See if errors persist with a lower read speed?

As you can see, NEC adjusts the reading speed automaticly. This is a “succesfull” burn. The other RW Just gave me unrecoverble read error.

I have no problems with my NEC. Recorded and read back with the NEC, using 1x Optodisc DVD-RW media.

I used 2X Optodisc media. Mybe burning 1X will give me better results. By the way how were you able to post clean image? I had to compredss my image since it didn’t let me attach more then 34K file.

It could be that a slower speed is better for the discs or the 2x -RW media is of lower quality than 1x. :confused:
See if you can find a program that will allow you to compress an image to .png format; it’s a little like .gif but you can use as many colours as you like. The image quality is supposed to be lossless.

i get good result from princo ,burnspeed 1x dvd-rw

memorex dvd+rw burned @4x

X factor,

Can you run the speed test on NEC 2500A to see if it can give you good graph?

Here are the results with Optodisc -RW 2X burnt at 1X: