NEC 2500a won't read anything

Ok, I bought a NEC 2500a about 3-4 months ago. Afterwards my motherboard promptly broke, so I didn’t get to use the dvdrw at all until now. I just built an athlon 2500+/ABIT NF7 machine and put the drive in. It worked great (read whatever I put into it) until I tried to burn something on it today, as soon as I put my blank dvd-r in there, it stopped reading everything (cd, cdr, cdrw, dvd, dvd-r). I went through the faq and made sure all the settings were right, and uninstalled the nvidia ide drivers and let windows reinstall it’s own. That fixed the problem and I could read stuff again. So, I started burning a movie and I got a power calibration error, I went and got herrie’s new firmware off “the firmware page” and flashed the firmware. Went to burn the cd again and it just sat there, said it was burning but nothing was happening. So, I restart, and boom, I’m back to point A, the drive will read nothing again.
I’m frustrated as all hell and I can’t find anything via search and there’s nothing in the FAQ I haven’t done. help me please
Thanks so much for your help,
Ben Russell
AIM: Xenoben187

I suggest removing your email address promptly,
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What software and version # are you using to burn?
What media are you using? (MID code & brand)

I have nero, and newegg dvd-r’s, I would try better media, but the thing is, it won’t read any other disc I have, period, not my starcraft cd, not the brand new drivers cd I just bought, none of my dvd’s. Also, it’s not just nero that isn’t recognizing the disc. The drive in My Computer just doesn’t recognize that there is even a disc in. The weird thing is, all the commands I give it in the computer, like eject still work properly, so it is interacting with the computer.
Anyways, I emailed newegg, I’m going to send it in to be replaced/repaired.

I also had problems with calibration errors with that version of nero update to the latest version and it should be fine. Herries firmware is great I couldnt read some -r disks until i used it.

have you tried a different ide cable?

yes, I used 3 different ide’s, I switched the spots they were connected to and everytime, my cdrw drive worked, but the dvdrw drive did nothing. I’m mailing out the drive back to newegg today, hopefully the new one works better :slight_smile: