NEC-2500A Won't Burn 16X DVD



I just purchased Memorex 16X dvd’s and they won’t work. I’m using nero 6.6. I get the following messages:

Illegal disc. Could not perform start of Disc-at Once.

I flashed with firmware update 1.0A - it’s the only one I could find at NEC.

Is this drive compatible with these DVDs? If so, any suggestions how I can get them to work?



Memorex DVD - bad choice.
16x rated and a 8x burner? Also bad choice.

You could crossflash to 2510…


You’re very restricted in what you can do.

Older burners generally don’t get firmware updates very often so cannot support the latest media that arrives on the market.

Cross flashing is unlikely to help as the 2510 also suffers the same problem.

You’d probably be OK with most of the 8x media around & there is plenty of it but as far as 16x media goes you’ll struggle to find compatible brands.

I’ll re-install my 2500 later today & see what of my media is compatible with it.


NEC 2500A FW 1.0A supported media code.

What’s the mediacode of the Memorex disc. Use DVDIdentifier to retreive mediacode.



I’ve checked my stock of media against the 2500 & all mine are recognised for 8x burning.

My 8x stock is:-
Ridisc Extreme -R (Ritek G05)
Verbatim Taiyo Yuden T02 +R
Verbatim Taiyo Yuden TYG02 -R

16x as follows:-
Plextor TY T03 +R
Verbatim MCC03RG20 -R - Made in Taiwan
Verbatim MCC004 +R - Made in India.