Nec 2500a : what should I do for a DL disc burning?

Hello guys,

I have a nec rw nd 2500A (this old thing) and I suppose that I could use it for burning dual layer discs. From a quick search I 've done, I think I need to do some things first, but I 'm having a difficulty in understanding the procedure. Could you please explain in simple lang the steps I should follow to do it ?

Welcome to the forum.

Upgrading the 2500 to a 2510 for DL burning is easy.

Go to Liggy & Dee’s website here and download Liggy’s NEC 2510 bitsetting 2.19 firmware. You’ve the choice of original , RPC1 - no region code checking - or fast. I’d go for the RPC1.
Then read & follow the Flashing tutorial linked on the lower left.