NEC 2500A vs. NU DDW-082

I have read the reviews for both these drives, along with multiple threads on this forum, but can’t decide between the two. Currently, Newegg has both for $69.99 including shipping.

I had decided on the NEC drive until I read the multiple posts regarding the problems this drive might have with reading burnt DVDs (…&threadid=88467). Even if this is only due to faulty drives, I’d rather not deal with the whole RMA business.

The DDW got a pretty good review by OC, but doesn’t seem to be as favored as the 2500A in the “best 8x drive” poll. Anyone know if the latest firmware update to the DDW fixed the DVD-R writing problem?

My primary use for this drive is long-term storage of media files, so speed as such is not a major concern. The two main factors are DVD readability in the future and being able to write on a variety of media. It seems that the 2500A can be updated to write dual-layer discs - is this possible with the DDW-082?

The only other drive at this price range is the Lite-On 811S/851S, but its review was not as good as the other two drives. I’d appreciate any guidance in deciding between the NEC 2500A and the NU DDW-082, or any other drives in the 70-80$ range.



ps: I had originally posted this thread in the general section, but hopefully will get more specific responses here…

Is this going to be your only dvd “reader” for the time being? If not, I don’t think any reason to consider Nu drive over 2500A. Anyway people say it’s not recommended to to use your best (and most expensive) writer as a major reader.

Even if this has to be the only reader, in those two standards, I believe 2500A is still the winner.
Yes, the NEC itself is not a great reader (And I’m one of the many whiners),
but regarding long term readability, it would be more reasonable to assume that you’re reading the discs with other DVD-ROM(or RW) a few years later. (I’m not reading my old CDs with the exact writer I used.)

Currently, I only use a standard CD/RW drive, so this will be my first DVD burner or even drive for that matter. I’m only upgrading because I really don’t want to get yet another hard disk just for storage purposes. The burner will also be the primary reading utility, as I don’t plan on getting another DVD drive anytime soon. The only criteria is that the burned DVDs should be readable a couple of years down the line by whatever drive I might have then. In the cases where the NEC drive wasn’t able to read its own burned discs, were you able to read them using another drive?

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