NEC 2500A vs. NU DDW-082

I have read the reviews for both these drives, along with multiple threads on this forum, but can’t decide between the two. Currently, Newegg has both for $69.99 including shipping.

I had decided on the NEC drive until I read the multiple posts regarding the problems this drive might have with reading burnt DVDs ( Even if this is only due to faulty drives, I’d rather not deal with the whole RMA business.

The DDW got a pretty good review by OC, but doesn’t seem to be as favored as the 2500A in the “best 8x drive” poll. Anyone know if the latest firmware update to the DDW fixed the DVD-R writing problem?

My primary use for this drive is long-term storage of media files, so speed as such is not a major concern. The two main factors are DVD readability in the future and being able to write on a variety of media. It seems that the 2500A can be updated to write dual-layer discs - is this possible with the DDW-082?

The only other drive at this price range is the Lite-On 811S/851S, but its review was not as good as the other two drives. I’d appreciate any guidance in deciding between the NEC 2500A and the NU DDW-082, or any other drives in the 70-80$ range.



I’ve been extremely pleased with my NEC ND-2500A drive. I haven’t had any problems with reading discs on mine. Its read prerecorded discs as well as discs burned in other DVD writers (including my original Pioneer DVR-104) just fine.

It does take a little longer to recognize a disc than other writers I have had did, but only a few seconds.

All the discs I have burned have worked fine in my standalone DVD players and my Xbox, both DVD+R and DVD-R. With the few discs that I’ve given to people, I haven’t heard any complaints either.

Throw in Herrie’s firmware which adds dual layer support and bitsetting (albeit unsupported), and its a great price for a great drive.

I suggest going with the NEC 2500A.
Then you’ll be able to perform high quality 8X DVD+R and 8X DVD-R burning. :wink:

Thanks for the responses - I decided to stick with the NEC 2500A after all. Just a question regarding the codes given to the media in the OC reviews (e.g- RITEKG04 for DVD-R). I can’t seem to find these codes listed in the descriptions given by newegg, which uses a different set of codes to identify the discs (DRD-47-4X-RDSM, DRD-474-RDCB50). Is there any way to determine the retails versions of the tested DVDs (ensuring I get the exact same DVDs)? I would prefer getting them from newegg due to the free shipping…

I threw my nu 082 in the trash bin if that gives you any indication of which to buy…

I guess its not so current anymore then. :slight_smile: