NEC 2500a vs liteon 812s

i was going to get a liteon 812 (which can be hacked into 832 [dual layer]), but i found a nec 2500 with 2 euro difference (nec 109, liteon 111)

i read that nec can be hacked into dual layer too.
but i read the liteon has some tools and features such as:

  • kproob works only on liteon
  • ltnrpc which can reset and disable region codes easily
  • firmware updates doesn’t kill drive, mtk tool will revive worst cases.

these points are on liteon side, what can i find on nec side?

which is better to get?

update: i posted this in general hardware area also…

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There is one thing that counts for NEC2500A that is called “good writing quality” … whereas the latest reviews (including CATS scans) on the 812S weren’t too promising … and I’m not sure whether you can’t revive a failed 2500A drive by means of firmware upgrading under DOS

And dual layer is of no interest at the moment … in both cases (NEC & LiteOn) you will sacrifice your warranty for questionable results (regarding write quality and playability of the second layer) and expensive media (in fact, DL media comes in at prices still more than twice as much as quality SL media)

Except for K-Probe (PI/PO Testing); all other items are available for the NEC.

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