NEC 2500A v1.7 - which DL FW do you suggest? Problem with reading!

Which FW (the best and safest/no risk) should I use i.e. which do you
Where can I get the firmware?

Why can my NEC not read an DVD which has come with a PC-magazine (with shareware/freeware programs)? I have changed 2 times the DVD in the office but all 3 could not be read from my NEC - he blocked my Explorer so that I must to restart the PC.
In other DVD-recorder from my friends the DVD are working well!?

How I can solve it?


Are you using the stock (not hacked) firmware on that?

If you are, I’m not sure you will have any better luck reading that disc with any other firmware.

You could try limiting the read speed of your drive with CD Bremse (CD Throttle) to see if it helps.

If you are not using the latest official (non-hacked) firmware, I’d try that first.

Firmware available from (among other places)

I’m using the official NEC v1.7 Firmware.
Which hacked FW do you suggest I should use? :confused: