Nec 2500a to 2510

i’m new to the nec being a liteon drive owner…i decided to buy an nec drive for better dvd-r results so heres a few quick questions…i flashed to herries 1.7 beta4 (no dl)

  1. what is the best firmware for quality burns. not too bothered about overspeeding i can use liteon for that.
  2. i read that i can flash my 2500a to a 2510. what are the advantages to that.
  3. are the firmwares for 2510 better than 2500
    i have read through quite a few posts but am getting lost in 3500 heaven lol…not a lot of posts about the 2500.
    thanks in advance
    the reason i am asking this is my dvd-r burns on the nec are very similar to the liteon according to kprobe.

The advantage of flashing to 2510 is dual layer and somewhat better firmware options. AFAIK there is no disadvantage to converting to 2510. Some people argue the 2500 was not optimized for dual layer, but many folks have burned dual layer 2500@2510 with good results. I am personally using mad dog 2F7 on my 2510 with great results. I switched from stock 2.16 because the maddog fw supports auto-bitsetting to dvd-rom on all + media. The Dangerous Brothers have firmware and flash tools.

not too bothered about dual layer as my liteon 832 can do an excelent job of dual layer… its more about the firmware. i would like quality burns rather than speed hacks. my liteon is superb at + discs (thanks to codeguys in liteon forum)…
i just want 4x burning of dvd-r at the highest quality. 14 mins a dvd is plenty fast enough for me.
so whats the best quality firmware (not speed) for dvd-r.

Herrie’s firmwares are committed to both speed & quality, so getting 107b5dl won’t hurt you at all! :slight_smile:

I think the latest stock 2510 firmwares will do what you want. The 25x0 will burn a belgian waffle. I can burn leaddata01 with low error rates.

I think Herrie and Liggy and a few other folks have done a great job. But I will stick to a factory-endorsed firmware when possible. That’s why I’m running Mad Dog 2F7. It does what I want and came from NEC. I guess I’m not much of a CDfreak?

If you just want to burn single layer -R at 4x you can just use the latest NEC 2500 firmware!

the thing thats cofusing me is this
NEC 2100 = NEC 2500 = NEC 2510 = HP 420i = HP 520i = TDK 880 = TDK 882 = AOpen DRW8800 = FREECOM W8B = RICOH MP5308D
apparently i can flash with firmwares from anyone of those…as there are so many i was wondering what people would consider the best stock firmware.i am currently using 107b4 nodl .
is official nec firmware considered the best or maybe the HP as herrie uses it for his 107. this is more confusing than getting my liteon to burn well…
so much choice with nec that any help to a newbie in nec is appreciated

There is no single firmware that is considered “best” for your hardware. Rebadgers like HP and TDK get modified versions of the NEC firmware for different reasons. Sometimes they want an additional feature, like bitsetting. Sometimes they just want the drive to show up with their name on it. In general, the latest firmwares are better than the earlier ones because bugs are fixed and media support is enhanced. I can’t speak for Herrie, but I believe he used the HP firmware as a basis because it supported bitsetting. You can burn a disc with a given firmware and check it with kprobe on you 832! If your 107b4 works well then why rock the boat? My guess is for -R @4X there’s very little difference. They probably all have the same (or very similar) write strategies.