NEC 2500A slowness driving me nuTtS!


ok, i have a NEC 2500A and am using orange bulkpaq 8x DVDR`s and whilst i know alot about hardware and building computers from being a technician for 8 years, quite frankly tinkering with firmware isnt my strong point.

the problem is this… no matter what bloody firmware i put on the damned thing it LIES ! it Says 8X 11,040Kbs per second but when you do the maths the maximum it reaches is 7100kbps and ive only recently managed to get that! im using v1.09 NEC firmware at the moment but have tried several others to no avail. :sad:

it just makes me wonder why i bothered buying an 8X burner when at the time the 4X were cheaper as thats all i seem to be able to get out of this bucket. 4x and when it feels like it it will pretend to do 8x at a little over 6x GRRRRRRRR :a

What kind of subject is that??

“7100kbps” ??? kbps, what?

“it lies”
Do you mean Nero with that?

Use a reliable bunring app like DVDDecrypter to see the real speeds used.

1)its a perfectly legitimate subject for a problem thats been hounding me for months.

  1. Nero does indeed lie but its easy enough to work out the real speed for your self using basic maths, the dvd i was writing a moment ago was 3222mb times that by 1024 and divide by the time taken to write the dvd overall gives you the average write speed. and with that real speed in hand it still doesnt answer why my burner wont write at 8x

  2. changing my burning program will not fix this, i have the same issues when using dvd santa and dvd shrink.


Dude, FYI, 8x burning doesn’t mean that the disc going to be burnt at 8x right from the start. All burners will start out at a slower speed before ramping up the burning speed, finally ending at the max speed.

The ND-2500A writes the first .8GB of a disc at 4x, the next 1.4GB at 6x, and the rest at 8x. Average is around 6.8x for a full disc. Some 8x burners go straight from 4x to 8x for a faster overall burning time, but none can do 8x across the whole disc.

i am aware it ramps up the speed as it goes but to be honest i hadnt given it much thaught untill you mentioned it just now, but is there anyway to increase this process? i am now using new firmware and it jumps up slightly faster which leads to believe you can? but as ive said before, this side of things isnt my strong point :slight_smile:

he’s right.

if someone did write a custom firmware that made the speed jumps occur sooner, it would almost certainly be at the cost of write quality, and that is really bad mojo :wink: