NEC 2500A & Ritek G04 sucess

Today i got my NEC 2500A and burnt 4 media with the following results:
1x Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC) @8x and plays wonderfully pretty much anywhere, nice curve in nero cd-speed
1x Traxdata 4x DVD-R (RITEK G04) @4x same as verbatim
1x Fujifilm DVD-R (taiyo yuden) @2x Nero write test had errors and dvdinfo pro confirmed it. Since this media was unsuccessful on a liteon too i don’t really care. Btw, the disc has 2 error sectors instead of totally unreadable on the liteon i had.
1x Eproformance DVD+RW - Works but the reading curve wasn’t totally smooth. I guess it’s another junk media manufacturer.

So far i’m pleased.
I would like to include kprobe scans but i returned my liteon the next day i got it (way too bad writer … 811S).