NEC 2500A + Ritek G03 a DISASTER

After trying all default firmwares for NEC and Herries work on 1.07 BETA 5 (current)

I cannot get to write correclty the Ritek G03 disks, and i am becaming desperate…

All DVD+R works perfect, CD and CD-RW also, but the only DVD-R that i can get here in my provider is the Ritek G03 (purple die).

This DVD although it can burn even at 4x speed with herrie, the NEC 2500A itself will not read it, pass the 15% of the disks… also, my DVD READER (5800A NEC) being NEC also has problems.

My other DVD READER the wonderful Pioneer 106 reads the CD perfectly with 0 problems altough minor slowdowns at the end.

Is there any solution to this? or i will just have to buy DVD+R and forget ritek g03 completly? because, here… the difference between G03 (4.5 pesos, i live in argentina) and DVD+R unbranded (7.5) is way to high to forget.

PD: I read all the forums and herrie work for an answer, but, so far, besides knowing that G03 have problems, noone mentioned a solution.
Also, i am finishing a review of this drive (a simple review) because here in maximopc are a general hardware page oriented to video and cpu reviews and this problem is killing me, i cannot find another dvd-r to test.

I have the same problems with ritek G04 (I do not have G03 anymore…)
I have lot of ARITA Ritek G04 DVD-R and I write them perfectly without a single error only on my Pioneer A07XLA (original and >NIL: hacked 1.16 fw). With Nec 2510a and stock fw (2.15) the only thing I get is a “semi” coaster (the dvd burns till the end but it is unreadable because of the infinite read errors…).

So I tried another brand of ritek G04, MIRROR PLATINUM PRO: they are high quality G04 compared to ARITAs and infact they burn well even into the NEC but the reading curve is still not perfect,while PIONEER, again, burns them like a charm…

After many burners and a lot of quality and cheap DVD-R media I tried (Prodisc, MXL G01 and G02, etc etc), the only thing I can say for sure is that PIONEER has the best writing quality in the market: A07 burns cheap, poor and high quality media like no other DVD burner…

You can imagine my happiness when PIONEER announced A08 some days ago (16x on both +and- R and 4x on DL +R !!!)

one last thing: I am waiting Herrie’s final version of his hacked NEC fw to try and get the best out of my NEC 2510. Now there is a new 2.06 fw out to be tried…maybe Ritek G04 will burn better with this new one…

If you want to know why Ritek G03/04 are burned so badly by NEC 25xx burners you have to ask Herrie some technical infos about it, still assuming there are poor and high quality G03/04 on the market

u can find in Argentina (Buenos Aires)

DVD +R Hewlett Packard 4,7Gb 4x $ 4,65
DVD -R RIDATA 2x 4,7Gb $ 3,95

anyway, ritekg03 and nec2500 is a big NO.

Well, you let me speachless, now i don’t know what to do…

I think i can live without Riteks but here in argentina, they are the more abundant, and still, i am very frustrated, i cannot believe a recorder like this has soo many problems with this DVD’s…

I changed the recorder 3 times, i cannot change it anymore and i feel sad… having a recorder that… as i see it, has a writing quality far worse than the reviewers say.

anyway, the speed of ritekg03 is 1X. SO, if it works at 4x or 8x u are lucky. Dont burn it faster then 2x. (1x is not possible with the nec).

ridata dvd- 4x works very good by the way (with the herrie´s firm)… hp dvd+ too, memorex 4x dvd-, philips dvd+, verbatim, maxell

it works good with all the ritekg04 but not with ALL de ritekg03 (at least the ridata ones).

there in real-color u can buy ridata 4x too (not in stock right now)

u can check mercadolibre too.

You mention burning at 4x. If that is how you burn your G03’s, then that’s a problem. G03 is 1x. Some burners like my Pioneer A04 luckily do a good job with G03 at 2x, but my newer A06 does a worse job at 2x. Don’t even think about 4x.

You have a burner that doesn’t do 1x, and you have 1x media. Not a great idea is it?

Also be aware I can’t buy G03’s anywhere in the U.S. They’re becoming rare and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not a high priority in firmware.

i have the same problem when i burn g03 they are not able to read on the nec but they read perfect on a liteon 411s they also will not read on a liteon48161 BUT they read fine on all standalones

i burn mine (fuji branded g03s) at 6x and the scans are beautiful

Now all is becoming clear, i was thinking that the G03’s were 2x, that is the problem… and, as they are ‘rare’ they surely will remain untouched on the firmware, that explains A LOT.

THANK YOU GUYS ! will buy IPC DVD+R, they worked like a charm, so far 2 were burned at 4x with excellent scans.

hp dvd+ are cheaper and better :slight_smile:

IPC DVD+ is 001 right? i prefer cmc mag f01 HP DVD+ 4x

i mean, u can find cheaper and better options (in argentina)… like ridata dvd- 4x or hp dvd+ 4x or memorex dvd-4x… anyway, use whatever works okey for you.

I will try all this disks you are mentioning… i think i will buy 1 of each and try, i will post back results, THANK YOU !! :slight_smile: