NEC 2500A reading problem?

Hello, I just bought a NEC ND-2500A, which is currently running firmware 1.07.

When I try to analyze, and backup other recorded discs, it says that it can’t read the disc.

"Dvd Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue this operation.

CDvdCSS::Read failed!

The reason is: Datafel (CRC-fel, Cyclic Redundancy Check)"

I’ve tred switching IDE cables and been trying like 10 different Recorded DVD discs which works perfectly in my DVD player, and as 1.07 Firmware seems to be the latest stable Firmware verision, I assumed it would work.

Is this a firmware problem, or is it the Hardware which is corrupted?

Thanks in Advance,

The discs are probably poor quality.
The NEC 2500A is not the best reader.
Another writer or DVD-ROM drive might be able to rip the discs fine.
What is the MID on these recorded discs?

Its Princo DVD-R discs, Not that involved with different kinds of disc types, But I got the impression of that the discs were fairly good, maybe I was wrong, sigh.

Anyways, whats MID?

Thanks for the reply


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