NEC-2500A read offset errors

I’m using Nero and I always check “verify written data”, lately every disc I burn has been failing this check and I constantly get “read error at sector x” Is this a hardware issue?

I havent changed media either been using memorex and yuden since I got the burner. I’ve had this drive almost 2 years probably well over 100+ burns I have a feeling its probably time for a new drive :doh: What is the life expectancy of a burner? Not that its a big deal a new burner will run me about $50.

search on nero verify in the nero forum and you will find that it is virtually worthless. try a nero cd speed transfer rate test and see if it can read

yea the funny thing is the CD/DVD still burned just fine I just got about a million read sector errors during verify data scan. It never did it before so I assumed my drive is shot but I’ll try your suggestion thanks

It could just be a bad batch of media. Verbatim media has worked great for me on my ND-2100A firmware upgraded to an ND-2510A. I’m currently using the 2.F9 firmware.

its the same batch of media I’ve been using for a few months now