NEC 2500A questions

okay, i have been looking around these forums a lot, and i believe i understand this much about the 2510A:

  • it has good media compatibility, but you should use high quality media like Ricoh, CMC, and Taiyo Yuden if you want to be sure of good burns
  • it is not all that great at reading DVDs
  • it is not good at writing CDs
  • the 1.07v2b5 is the latest Herrie firmware before b6, and enables the features of:
    • bitsetting
    • RPC lock
    • rip lock
    • ability to change the book type with dvdinfopro

however, i dont know what ALL of that means. could someone clarify the following points?

  • in what way is it not good at reading DVDs? if you rip them at a lower speed, is that good enough?
  • what is wrong with its CD production? i was not able to find much about that
  • what exactly are bitsettings, rpc, and rip lock? and the “book type” - some devices refuse to play from something that’s not called a DVD-ROM by its book type?
  • DVD_Boost posted a firmware here that seems to have the same features as Herrie’s, but is not exactly the same. it appears to be based on a firmware 2.21, as is Herrie’s. im just wondering what difference there is, if any, between the two firmwares.

while we’re at it, how about a noob question? how can these drives produce errors on discs? do they not alter the laser frequency rapidly enough sometimes, or something? perhaps poorly constructed media that doesnt respond to the laser very well?

im thinking of trying to sell my plextor 708a and getting one of these NEC 2510A’s. they sound quite reliable, much more so than this plextor does over in the plextor forum.

  1. No need to rip at lower speeds, some NECs just cannot read scratched/dirty/poorly burned discs. See the FAQ for a link to the ‘read trouble’ thread.

  2. Nothing is wrong with the NECs’ CD-R abilities. Working excellent here

  3. READ THE FAQ! at the top of the forum and says READ FIRST:

  4. His fw has no speeded up media hacks

  5. usually poor media is the culprit

  6. Most people are very happy with their 2500A drives :slight_smile:

Also, please read the forum rules linked in my signature.

im happy with my 2500 and prodiscs03 =p,burn a dvd a lil under 8 - 9 minutes