NEC 2500a + Promise TX2 controller?


I have the 2500a. It used to be plugged into my onboard controller. I bought myself a Promise Ultra133 TX2 controller and plugged my NEC and two harddrives on it.

After that the burns got slower and some programs for example DVD Identifier couldn’t read the Media code block on any of my disc.

I moved the reader back to the onboard controller and it can read the Media code block again…

I am running XP with some old Promise drivers since the new drivers from Promise does not work on my computer for some reason.
Does anyone know if this is something common for the Promise TX2 cards or is this because I am running the old drivers?
Does anyone here own a Promise TX2 card (Ultra100 or 133) ?

NEVER EVER run a burner from a promise card.
they do not officially support ATAPI devices and, well, you can see the result.
Put your hard drives on the Promise and the NEC on the secondary master of the onboard ide controller.

Promise has a bios update that should fix some atapi problems…
I had to learn the hard way that it still doesn’t work.

IDE controller cards and DVD writers have not been playing very nicely. Most people have problems if they try putting their writer on an IDE controller card.
The general consensus is to leave it plugged into your onboard IDE channels or get a USB enclosure and use it externally :wink: