NEC 2500A problems with recording



ok, here’s the problem.
when i burn dvd movie (sometimes) the movie is not completely recorded (the sound is but the picture is still) and this happens with different software!
sometimes it happens that the movie just skips some chapters (for example recording time 00:15:35 jumps to 00:17:13).
what could be the problem: the NEC or my dvd player?


We need more information to help you. What firmware does your drive have? What’s the media code of your DVDs? What is the brand of your standalone player?


i haven’t changed the firmware, so i guess it must be original 1.06, most my dvd’s are code 2 and my dvd player is thompson (forgot the name model-i’m at work now).
is there any software that could check my dvd recorder?


I advise you to update to the firmware in this thread:

Also make sure that you use high - or at least medium quality media. Examples for high quality are: Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden

Medium quality media are for example: Ritek and ProDisc

Furthermore, always burn media at their rated speed.