NEC-2500A problems? nero maybe?

Okay, this is getting weird…

I got a 50 pack of PRODISK SO3 (i think they are called) from

Now so far i’ve burnt 5 dvd’s (and 2 cdr’s) now when burning the dvd’s (all with nero) i got a few weird problems…

On two disks it seems right when the burner does the Lead-out that nero screws up and stops responding. But bolth disks came out fine and read fine. (one was a PS2 backup which the ps2 reads fine, the other was a dvd (pc) game backup, that reads fine in the DVD-rom and RW drives.)

Any idea why this is happening? is it nero?

1st dvd no problems
2nd dvd no problems
3rd dvd problem
4th dvd no problems
5th dvd problem

Should i switch burning software for dvd’s? alcohol? any other sugestions?


which nero?

should i upgrade?

Yes, you should upgrade. Your nero is way out of date.