NEC 2500A Problem with device...Help



verdanaHI there,

:confused: Can anyone maybe help me with this prob. I have a NEC 2500A DVD burner and i updated the firmware with 1.07 firmware from the original NEC version and i now Windows XP pro cant see the device. If i uninstall it and do a hardware scan it gets found and installed but the hardware isn’t responding is the error. How can i put back the original firmware if i can’t recognise the device?? or is there another firmware that will solve this prob after of course finding out how to detect the device firstly. :confused:

hope u can help me with this one folks. :sad:

:wink: greetz :bigsmile:



It seems that something went wrong during the update. You can try to flash my latest update in DOS!


like herrie said something must have happend with the flash.