NEC 2500A & overburning with Nero?


I want to burn a 90 min. cdr. Nero doesn’t ask if I want to overburn just says not enough space. I enabled overburn in Expert Features but still nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Not sure if that drive allows such overburning (should check but pushed for time right now), but you say you enabled overburn?, sorry if this is a silly question, but did you also set the maximum CD length appropriately? I still use Nero 5.5.xx.xx - works for me until I get a newer cd/dvd recorder combo :slight_smile:

Even if the above is satisfied, sometimes an image or set of files is just a fraction too large to fit on the media with overburn enabled. In my experience, best quality media often has slightly less space than some cheaper media - the time stamped onto the media meets official specs, but is thus slightly worse for excessive overburning.

Once thing with Nero 5.5.xx.xx (possibly 6.x) - is that ISO’s that are large (cd or dvd) are often rejected by nero with the complaint ‘not enough space on media’. For example, with an ISO image of 4.7ish GB’s (DVD in this case), nero will not burn the image - if the files within the image are extracted using ISObuster or Daemon tools, the actual total size of files is smaller than the image would suggest - and they all burn with no problem at all.

This may all be irrelevant for your problem - just food for thought.

you checked the box, did you also change the size allowed? I think standard is 82 mins.
The other thing is to make sure that the disc really does have enough space on it.
oops just noticed icey said the same :o
I use an NEC 2500 (f/w upgraded 2510) without problems

yes, I changed the cd length. Don’t know about the f/w upgrade. DaneR can you elaborate on this?

Thanks it will tell you all you need to know and a lot more :slight_smile: