NEC 2500a or Pioneer 106?

both about $115 at newegg.

I know that the 2500 supports 8x, but i’m really only interested in stability (burns few coasters with wide range of media) and good burn quality.

any thoughts?

2500 beats the 106 easily for both speed and quality on a wide range of media. But the 106 is still very reliable for quality too.
Suggest you do a search of the DVD test forum for 106 and 2500 and compare the scan results, especially on your preferred media.

I’d say go for the 106 if you want to use very very odd -R media. If not, the 2500a is the better choice, as already explained by rdgrimes :slight_smile:

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I gave my Pioneer A06 to my dad and got NEC 2500 from newegg.
Between these 2 , I like the NEC 2500 a bit better . Very quiet and very good burning quality . Best bang for 8X right now IMHO