Nec 2500a or Liteon 812s? Holy Cornfusion



Man am I all screwed up. I was ready to hit the enter key a few hours ago and purchase a Liteon 812s. Unfortunately, I came back and re-read just about every recently updated thread here on both drives in their respective forums and the posted reviews for each. Now my head is full of fog and I don’t know which to get.

I need a drive to back up a bunch of stuff and can’t wait for the Nec 2510 or the Liteon 812s ( although I would like to ).

I need to back up about 40 titles for my Xbox. I realize that Liteons are not great at -R, which my Samsung Xbox drive will read. From what I’ve read, using the booktyping tool with the 812s and +R discs should work OK. Best deal I have locally is Verbatim discs on spindles from Sams Club so I’m not sure if I should go with the Liteon.

My thing is, and I realize that there are no guarantees right now, is that I really like the possibility of firmware upgrading the Nec 2500a to a 2510 and/or the same for the 812s to an 832. Its just that both drives seem to have their negative points. I currently have a Liteon 52X CD burner and have never made a single coaster which is why I WAS leaning towards the 812s.

I probably should have just hit the damn enter key but because of indecisiveness, did not. Any one here using their 2500a or 812s for XboX backups that could give me an opinion? Any other opinions on negatives/postives for either drive welcome as well.

Thanks in advance. J


The 2500 is definately better in burning dvd- than the liteon.
Also it burns as well or better than the liteon with dvd+.
only drawback i see in the 2500 is bad performance writing dvd+rw at 4x!
if thats what you need a burner for id get that especially with the new stock 1.07 firmware its very nice :wink:

as far as dual layer upgrade i wouldnt hold my breath on either of these drives…by the time dual layer media becomes affordable the market will be flooded with better dual layer burners than these will be…probably even at 4x instead of 2.4 by then! Im talking november december on this!


A dual layer disc has been successfully burned on a 2500@2510 already!
You should also go for the NEC due to superior burn quality!


I am considering the same 2 drives…
What about the writing support methods?
I see the liteon supports:
Wher as the nec only supports:
Will the extra writing methods be useful/ever be required?
Can they both encode emf?



I’m in the same boat, although i know that the Lite-on can properly write EMF and the NEC can’t.

Basically, is EMF that important?

My Plextor CDRW (W2410A) can almost write EMF properly and i never have a problem with it, or not found a solution around a burning issue.

I really like my plextor cdrw, i’ve never had one problem with it, makes me wonder if i should stick with plextor…

I don’t feel like spending the extra money on a Plextor 708A or Pioneer A07, so these two drives (NEC/Lite-on) seem like the best choices.


I am having problems choosing between these two burners aswell. I want to go for the NEC beacuse it’s write quality is very good on lower quality media, But the Lite-On can do correct EFM encoding.

Basically correct EFM encoding is for SafeDisc protected games.


Just built a new computer and installed the NEC ND-2500A that I choose after reading this site. Since it was an oem unit and didn’t come with a driver (ms installed 5.1.2535.0 during XP-pro o/s install) What would be the correct way to start burning backups. Firmware? Software? Nero vs Roxio? I’d like to use DVD Shrink instead of CloneDVD. Any help would be appreciated.


Can anyone comment on what would be the better burner?

I would be using Ritek DVD-r’s

What would be my best choice, because that is really the best media i can find for a decent price, (i don’t want bad media).

I’d like to get this burner soon…


No-one writes sao anymore anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Sao is used for multisession discs, and if the burner does dao96, I’m pretty sure it also does SAO anyway.

I can’t think of any reason you’d ever need to write SAO+RAW / +Subs. If RAW was needed, you’d just be copying a disc anyway, and you’d use DAO.
Besides, you currently have a 52x litey which does raw SAO / +Subs :slight_smile:

I’d go the NEC atm. But that could change later. The litey 832s DL burner is out now/soon, so it might change your opinion as well.

If you can wait, do so for the DL burners. If not, I’d go for NEC right now.
The other thing is, once DL burners are out, prices for SL burners will drop thru the floor. Maybe ride the wave :wink:


I wouldn’t touch roxio Easy software with a 600ft pole :stuck_out_tongue:
The current firmware that comes with the model should be fine, but maybe look around the NEC forum for opinions on the best firmware which will best suit the media you wish to use.

U need both DVDshrink AND nero. Wouldn’t hurt to get smartripper or Anydvd as well.

To copy DVD’s atm, you need to rip them to your HD with smartripper or use anydvd to unprotect the DVD’s. Then you can recompress the DVD so it fits onto a single layer DVD (4.2GB) and then use nero to burn.

Note People which are burning directly from DVDshrink are using the NERO writing engine. You actually need to have a copy of nero installed to do this.


The windows IDE driver is fine. Just make sure it is running in UDMA Mode 2.


If you use good to excellent quality DVD blanks, is there any quality in burn quality between the NEC and Lite-On?


No significant differences if good blanks are used.


Yeah – but the term “excellent” is getting more and more vague …

Not so long ago Riteks were consistent in their quality - but I hear more and more that Riteks can vary among batches.

So maybe the NEC would cover your a$$ even if you get a batch (unknowingly) which is not of top quality.

OTOH, maybe you are talking just about TYs in which case it should be good all the time :slight_smile:


I currently own a Samsung SD-816B DVD/CD-ROM (rated at 16X DVD).

Any idea how DVD rip speeds would compare between my dedicated DVD-ROM and the Lite-On 812s? What about DVD rip quality?



If you get a bad G04 batch, you’ll get the same bad burn in both the NEC and LiteOn. Even a subpar G04 batch will probably not coaster on either drive–it’ll just come out with higher errors.


With single-layer pressed media, your DVD-ROM should be faster (16x) than the LiteOn (8x). With recordable media or with dual-layer media (either pressed or recordable), they should have the same speed (8x).

The quality of the rip will always be the same. Rip quality was a concern for CDs. Because of how DVDs are done, you will either get a 100% perfect rip or no rip at all (unless the disc is really damaged, it’ll be the former)


Any reason to believe that a dedicated DVD-ROM drive (Samsung, Toshiba, Lite-On) should have better DVD rip quality (ability to read more scratched discs?) than the Lite-On 812s or even NEC-2500a?

Also, could you elaboate on why DVD rips are all or none?


Yessir - agreed on the bad batch …
but with a dual drive, isn’t it time we moved over to +R totally ??? :smiley: