NEC 2500A or 2510A and backing up games

I was just about to order my first dvd burner, the 2500A, when I read the review on this page. it says: “In our opinion the lacking ability to backup some games is one of the features that you may miss with this drive.”
Can anyone please explain to me what exactly it means. Can I back up games at all? Is it just harder to do it?

As the prices of the DL NEC has dropped now I am thinking it is better to go for the NEC2510A… Am I facing the same problem? Is any firmware going to help with that?

THANK You in advance for any help!!!

what games are you trying to backup? i.e. ps2, xbox, etc.

Will this drive burn ps2 games good?

I will be using it for backing up XBox games. Am I gonna be able to do it with that drive?

Yes the 2500A or the 2510 can both make backups of Xbox games if you have the appropriate software.
Keep in mind, you need a modchip installed in your Xbox to be able to play backup games.