Nec 2500a only burns CD at x8?

I can only burn infiniti cd’s at x8 even though they are rated at x48 and the nec 2500 can burn cd at x32.

I am using nero 6.0 and recordmax now 4.5.

Are you sure you are selecting CD compilation?
8x is the max speed for DVD±R media…


I burned a cd ISO at x8 - and it was the same slow speed using Recordmax (i think thats a poor program)

Ok, I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Infiniti CD media or the actual mediacode for those discs so I cannot speculate.
I would suggest trying a different brand of 32x or higher rated CD-R media to see if the 2500 allows you to burn at a higher speed.
Also, could you post the mediacode for those Infiniti discs?

If it’s any consolation, I’ve got some old Kodak Silver & Gold Ultima CD-R media left. The ND-2500A (earlier revision of 1.06 firmware) will only write that at a maximum of 8x, rather than the 24x I had expected from the media list.


In that case,

bigpappa may want to try upgrading to fw revision: 1062004010800