NEC 2500A on a Cheep DVD+R Media!



Look at this graph!
Is this possible?
This is “eProFormance” DVD+R Media Rated at 4x and burned at 4x using the 1.08 Firmware (The patched HP). This is the cheapest DVD+R Media I can find!

Upd: The second Picture shows the same media writen at 8x with the 1.07 BETA 9a!!! Incredible! :rolleyes: :slight_smile: :bigsmile:


Can you tell us where you brought it and how much?? Thanks.


I live in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria.
I’ve bought these from the PC Store I work in! :slight_smile:
This brand is well known in Bulgaria. They are Greek I think but I’m not sure!
The price is 2.10BGL which is around 1,27USD. Not VERY cheep but the cheepest +R Media I have seen here!


this is the same die as the discs that i use - prodisc R02.
however, mine are bulkpaq, and the quality is very poor at 8x - i have to burn at 4x to get acceptable reads.


You can get ProdiscR02 pretty cheap in the US also: