NEC 2500a OEM Driver Help needed

Please help. I bought an OEM NEC 2500a and thought I could easily just load the NEC driver. XP only uses the Microsoft Driver and when I go to update the driver from anywhere I download it doesn’t recognize it because it isn’t an .inf file. When I try to flash using Herrie’s firmware, it doesn’t recognize the drive. However, I can burn with it, just slow.

I heard you might be able to flash through DOS but if this is true, could some give a detailed explanation of how to do it. I appreciate any help.


Are you talking about flashing the dvd drive or are you talking about installing a driver so that windows will recognize your dvd drive? If you talking about windows’ recognition of your dvd drive, windows xp and or 2000 should automatically recognize the drive. If you are talking about flashing or updating your drive from say firmware v. 1.06 to 1.07, you should be able to use the windows flash utility located at

Hope this is helpful.