[nec 2500a] not higher then 2 speed




i just bought a nec 2500a and i have nero and the orginal firmware. but nero cann't burn over the 2 speed :confused:

What to do?


buy higher speed media?


i have already MAM media. you can burn it with 4 and 8 speed. :confused:


Originally posted by pride
i have already MAM media. you can burn it with 4 and 8 speed. :confused:

I’m not sure who told you that. 8x is deffinitely out, not sure about 4x either.
Anyway, if 2x is the only speed offered, then you need different media.


a friend of my has the same burner and the same media and he burns is on 4 speed. On the site of Nec there is a list of the media and the say that you can burn MAM @ 4 and 8 speed.


Are you talking about Mitsui MAM-E / MAM-A media? if so: This is really GARBAGE media and is limited to 2x speed (as shown in my review!!!)

Get yourself some better media :wink: And I didn’t find any Mitsui MAM media in NEC’s list either…

Please give us the ID of the discs (use for example http://DVD.Identifier.cdfreaks.com to do so).


MCI4XG01 is the code from the dvd and a recornize programe says that you can write it with 4 speed


It’s true that the media is “rated” for 4x, and that other drives will burn it at 4x. That does not mean you should burn it at 4x. Apparently NEC doesn’t think you should. Perhaps they will change their minds with a firmware update, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It really is poor quality media.


I have the same issue, I am using a NEC ND-2500 (1.06 Firmware) and I have tried 2 different 4x rated DVD+R media (Memorex and Maxell, sorry haven’t run DVDinfo as I am really new to DVD recordable) and can’t burn at anything higher then 2x (using Roxio 6).

any more ideas as to why?