Nec 2500a noises

Hey :slight_smile:

i have just sent for a replacement on an nec 2500a that i ordered on the net.

i have a few questions regarding the drive and some choices that i have to make.

  1. is the drive supposed to click and clunk loudly as the one i returned did it was clicking then kind of half spining up then eventually givining up (process taking ages of spin up spin down inc clicks and clunks) and does not read the disk in windows explorer says please insert disk (the disk was a retail dvd of crouching tiger hidden dragon in exellent condition no scratches maybe a fingerprint though).

  2. i am getting a replacment drive and i have 75 bulkpaq orange as a batch of media at the moment i have heard a great deal about herries super frimware but have little knowledge of them on an experience level, so i need help in selecting one. I will be using quite a bit of media in the end and probably from a quite a few manufacturers also i like the idea of dual layer support and i may no someone who can get me some dual layer media possibbly which would be great for backups of xbox dvds that are on dvd9 like ninja gaiden as its such a great games i want it forever (everyone u shud play it wkd game and very tough)

cheers dan

Hi Thedan

Mine does 3 clicks when it’s booting up, but it doesn’t seem to affect it’s reading/writing.

Have a look at this thread, if you’ve not seen it already.

2500a Clicking noises


cheers mate have seen it now and posted on it. i want to know if the colour of the drives could be responsible.

can some one help me out with that firmware i was asking advice on cheers dan