NEC 2500A - NERO6.3.0.3 problem (hang)

I have a serious problem with burning dvd’s in my nec 2500A’s.

When burning two dvd’s at the same time nero stops at 60-70% completed, locks both nec’s and freezes my computer. I tried connecting my writers to different ide ports, downgraded nero to, disconnected my ide drive and nothing seems to work. Burning only one dvd at a time works sometimes. Yesterday I succeeded in a completed 100% with multiple writes, but the results are bad. The picture freezes for split seconds troughout the entire movie while audio continues uninterupted.

My config:
Chaintech Zenith, 3200XP AMD, 1GB DDR400 DUAL, 120 Gb barracuda on SATA, 120 Gb Maxtor 8Mb on prim. slave, Nec 2500A (1) on sec. master and Nec 2500A (2) on sec slave.

I’m a little hopeless after sending 20 dvd’s to the trashcan…

any input?:

Hi Stress!!! and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Have you enabled DMA for all your drives (including your hard disk drive)?

Tried to forget nothing in the config…

All ide ports have dma enabled. The HD on 1B is listed as UDMA5 and the necs on 2A and 2B are listed as UDMA2

Trying to run two high speed writers on the same IDE channel seems likely to give you a major headache, even though both have buffer underrun protection technologies.

IDE can’t multitask I/O operations on the same channel. When an operation is outstanding on one drive, the other one is inaccessible, unlike the situation with SCSI, where there is ‘disconnect’ functionality. I suspect even in the situation where it worked, there were loads of buffer underrun recoveries on the disks, hence the stuttering playback.

Putting a writer on the same IDE channel as a hard disk is also a bad idea - because the writer can slow access tremendously to the HD when you’re writing. However, if you’re only going to write from your SATA hard disk, and the cables will reach, you could try putting one of the ND-2500A drives on the same channel as your ATA hard disk, and the other on a channel by itself - or, if your system is OK without the ATA hard disk, disconnect it temporarily and run with just the SATA hard disk and a writer on each IDE channel.

If either of those suggestions works, then it’s up to you if you need a more permanent solution to giving each writer its own IDE channel (either an add-in IDE controller for the ATA hard disk or replacing the ATA hard disk for another SATA one if you have another SATA port available).


Already tried that. IDE disconnected. nec 1 on prim. slave and nec 2 on sec.slave. When burning to two nec’s simultanious with the sata as the dataprovider the results were the same.:frowning:

Having re-read your original post, the fact that burning only one disc works only sometimes indicates that you should try to get that stable first, before trying to operate two writers at once.

Even when that is stable, I think any attempts to get two writers working at once on the same IDE channel are doomed.

I would stick with Nero - has various problems, and is stable enough with my ND-2500A.

All I can think of is throwing out a few questions.

Does the speed test say your system is OK to burn at the speed you’ve selected?

Which IDE drivers are in use?

Are there any usable logs from a failed burn, or does it always involve a lock-up?

What happens if you simulate the burn rather than perform it?

What media are you using, and have you tried another brand or type (DVD+R instead of DVD-R, for example)?

What firmware have you got on the ND-2500A drives?


sounds like the same problem with my sony dru-510a which hangs at 99%. I might try the suggestion to reconfigure my IDE cables. let’s see…

Nero 6 was giving me huge problems with my ND-2500a. Apparently it’s because my ASPI driver installation was corrupted. Use infotool to see if the same thing happened, then install ForceASPI 1.7. For some reason, 1.8 causes it to hang again…

Where can I see what forceaspi I’m using?

Forget what I said… I tried burning a UDF compilation today and it hung at 100% again… Back to nero 5 again… Argh