NEC 2500A need some help

Okay im considering buying this drive off newegg:

And would like to know a few things about its firmware upgradeability.

JUST to make sure, can I use one of the hacked 2510 firmwares on this drive? If I do I need to flash it with the DOS method right? Also If I use an appropriately hacked firmware I will be able to use bitsetting right?

As far as anyone can tell it is the EXACT same drive as 2510, right? Or at the very least for the time being for all anyone knows it is, right?

One last thing, these are reasonable discs to be using right?: … they will probably burn at 8X?

I think you should read this thread :

Yes, I just flashed my new 2500A with Herrie’s v2.16 firmware to get RPC1, removal of riplock (now rips at 8x instead of 2x), Ritek dual layer capability, and bitsetting. Everytihng works as described.

Yes, you use the DOS flashing method.

My 2500A drive with the new firmware now does everything the 2510A does. From what I understand, they are one in the same drive physically. I accepted that the warrantee would be voided if I flashed my firmware with Herrie’s, but the drive only cost $49 from Office Max, so it wasn’t a huge risk. (I’m seriously thinking about flashing my $140 Plextor 712A now. That’s how good this drive perfroms with herries updated firmware!).

I’ve had excellent luck with the Ridata media (mfg. RICOHJPNR01) you mention. They do burn at 8x by with the 2500A factory 1.7, and later 2.16 firmwares. I bought these very same ones from newegg and they work absolutely perfect in every aspect, on both my drives. A big two thumbs up! :wink:

Thanks but I already have, I just wanted too be sure.

Anyways Ive bought the drive and discs, they will probably arive in a week or so as im on the east coast.

Thanks for your input.