NEC 2500A - Multiple Problems



I just purchased the OEM version of the NEC 2500A DVD-RW drive, and I’ve been having nothing but problems ever since. I have:

[li]Windows XP Home
[/li][li]DVD X Copy Express
[/li][li]Have no idea what DMA is and how I can enable/disable it
[/li][li]Ritek 4X DVD-R’s
The first problem is that sometimes my system won’t even detect that the drive is there when I look in my computer. When I try to add the drive in add hardware, it seems to work then.

The biggest problem, however, is that I can’t get successful backups of my dvds. Only one has worked (Training Day). For other dvds, it won’t even begin ripping, and DVD X Copy Express gives me errors such as “can’t read library” or similar. With another dvd (Being John Malkovich), I was able to rip and burn the dvd, but the backup just won’t play, even on my friends dvd player which works fine. Another dvd (Election) just won’t play at all in my drive, but works in my friends dvd player and my own dvd player connected to my TV.

The drive was screwy to begin with. I tried downloading new firmware, and a firmware flasher from (dangerous brothers website), and used those, and nothing seemed to work.

I know my problem here is really broad, but can anyone suggest anything or help? It would be greatly appreciated.

Grateful newb,



I have an NEC, think though it is the 2400A (4X -/+ drive)…

DMA, don’t worry about that, it should be set to Ultra DMA by XP as a default.

My drive wouldn’t recongnize or burn anything to a spindle of ‘no name’ DVD’s and drove me nuts. I tried a few hacker type firmwares, finally just tried NEC’s own, my old one was 1.08, using NEC’s 1.09, it not only recongnises the blanks, but makes perfect working copies that so far work in 3 different stand alones…

Nero’s disk utility will let you know what actual brand, speed and type (+/-) DVD you are using. Can’t find it now, might have been on this site, but there was a posting showing what disks were supported by what firmware versions. Make sure you are covered. Also, be sure to try the legit firmware first, I had no luck at all with the ‘enhanced’ copies and 100% luck with NEC’s own.

Try DVDFab, it is useless for doing custom things as it has vertually no user options, however it did an excellent job on compression to 1 DVD and extreemly good job at splitting a DVD to 2 disks (no compression and keeping all the features and different sound tracks). I havn’t used your program so I don’t know if it is part of your problem or not. There are also web sites that track how well different media brands and types play on different stand alone players, I seem to be blessed with my Toshiba 1200 as it appears to play almost anything.

As to being seen by XP, things that come to mind…
Start with a known original NEC firmware…
Try the drive as ‘master/alone’ without sharing the IDE port with either your HD or another CD drive…
Make sure you are using a UDMA cable, that ground wire between each data wire is important…
XP’s built in drivers should be the right choice but check the NEC website incase they have better ones…

Hope some of that helps.
Greg Moore


Thanks for the reply. I’ve been looking around for legitimate nd 2500 firmware, but all I can find are the 1.06 drivers from - they are listed under “original stock firmware binaries”. The thing is, I have no idea what to do with the file, which is in a .bin format. What do I do with this? Also, is there a risk with using these binaries (I’ve heard you can "kill your drive if you do something stupid)?. Sorry for being clueless, I’m new to the burning of dvds…



Updating a drive is pretty safe, it is when you screw up doing your computer that you are totally dead in the water.

Most firmware comes with, or has available an ‘installer’ designed for it. I use the Windows based installer on XP, some people don’t like Windows installers and use DOS installers. Search for a firmware installer for NEC series drives.

You’re right though, the only thing I see for the 2500 is v1.06…

What I did come across is a number of reviews etc of the 2500A and it seems very well liked, however it also seems this drive, and many others, are not thrilled using Ritek blanks…

If I had to guess I suspect your burning issues are blank related and your XP issues are something about the physical installation. One thing I have learned in the past 2 months since I got my 1300 is that DVD burning is a long long way from being as simple as CD burning is and even my generic no-name blanks are still $1/CDN each, makes for expensive coasters while you learn!

Greg Moore


HI there,

Can anyone maybe help me with this prob. I have a NEC 2500A DVD burner and i updated the firmware with 1.07 firmware from the original NEC version and i now Windows XP pro cant see the device. If i uninstall it and do a hardware scan it gets found and installed but the hardware isn’t responding is the error. How can i put back the original firmware if i can’t recognise the device?? or is there another firmware that will solve this prob after of course finding out how to detect the device firstly.

hope u can help me with this one folks.